How to set vista wireless network

I have two computers, a desktop PC and a laptop, both are vista system, desktop PC is directly connected to the wireless router, I want laptop to use the wireless network to access Internet, how to set it?

1. The modem is connected to the router, the router is connected to the desktop PC.

2. Boost the desktop PC, go to Control Panel, select ‘Network Connections’, right-click ‘Local Area Connection’, select ‘Properties’.

3. Select ‘TCP IPv4’ and select ‘Use the following IP address’: IP address – fill; Subnet mask – fill; Default gateway – fill

4. Enter in the Address Bar.

5. Now you access the router’s configuration interface, select: ‘Setup Wizard’. According to the prompts to operate, I will not say it …

6. Set wireless parameters: select band 6 and mode 54Mbps.

7. Click Finish.

8. Boost laptop, brush out of the wireless network, choose ‘enter’, it is finished. If you can not configure the laptop’s IP address, you can fix the IP address of the laptop on

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