Let your computer become a router

IIS is not a common windows XP system services, But it is essential for the professional technical personnel.But we all know that the stability of IIS is worse than Apache. IIS often can not start, failure or can not remote access.

Let me tell you how to solve the problem that IIS can not remote access:

1. Determine a good IIS port first, such as port 95.

2. Determine if the local connection is correct, such as the local IP address is, then access to check whether can access the IIS website.

3. If it accesses the Internet through a router, need map a port in the router.

4. The default xp firewall is running, we need open this port on the firewall: Control Panel – Windows Firewall – Exceptions – Add Port – Enter the name of the IIS service (custom) and port number 95, this is our IIS port. The we can access.

5. Xp system security is relatively high, the default xp Firewall is running. We need to set up, Control panel – windows security center – windows firewall – Advanced – Network connection settings – settings – services – check the web server (http). However, the port is 80 and can not be changed, We need to add an additional port.

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